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国家自然科学基金(批准号:71573061)课题组在《Research in Health Science》期刊发表一篇研究论文

我所战略发展部董四平、郭淑岩、李萌等研究人员联合在英文期刊《Research in Health Science2017年第2期上发表题为Data Envelopment Analysis for Relative Efficiency Measurement of Chinese Hospitals的研究论文。该论文是国家自然科学基金面上项目《 基于Bootstrap-DEA的公立医院成本-效率评价模型构建及其应用研究》(批准号:71573061)的研究成果之一。


The purpose was to explore the gap between China and the international world in efficiency measurement of hospitals with Data Envelopment Analysis, and to improve the standardization of healthcare efficiency measurement in China. A systematic review was conducted using appropriate search strategies. Studies were included containing DEA approaches regarding general hospital efficiency, published in international literature and in both Chinese and English about Chinese hospitals from January 2004 to October 2014. The results showed that statistical significances were found in indicators such as number of DMUs, percentage of allocative efficiency studies, ratio of studies with multiple years, number of studies with monetary indicators in input and output sets, etc. The statistical insignificance in some indicators such as the number of input and output indicators were also found among China, Europe, USA and others. Some problems were found in current DEA-based hospital efficiency studies in China, such as inappropriate selection of input-output indicators, no bias-correction on efficiency scores, etc. The standardization of DEA methods applied in China’s hospital efficiency research needs to be improved. Chinese researchers should pay more attention to latest international research findings, so as to keep pace with the cutting edge hospital efficiency research.